MediaMutations 8

Convegno di studi – Bologna, 25-26 maggio 2016


  • Michele Guerra, Veronica Innocenti, Hector J.Perez, Margrethe Bruun Vaage: Introduction
  • Anesa Miller (Independent Scholar): Addicted to Emotion: “How Affective Neuroscience Sheds Light on Our Love of Narrative Arts”
  • Jaak Panksepp (Washington’s State University): Addicted to Emotion: “How Affective Neuroscience Sheds Light on Our Love of Narrative Arts”
  • Fernando Canet (Universitat de Valencia): The Relationship Between Characters as a Metaphor for the Viewer’s Engagement in Television Series
  • Luca Barra (Università Cattolica di Milano): A Different Kind of Connection. Building the Audience Engagement in Contemporary US Sitcoms
  • Flavia Laviosa (Wellesley College): From an Inspired … to Publication. The Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies
  • Sebastian Armbrust (University of Hamburg): Events in Serial Storyworlds: Towards a Theory of Serial Plotting
  • Paolo Braga (Università Cattolica di Milano): The Contribution of Screenwriting Theory to the Analysis of Complex TV
  • Bohdan Y. Nebesio (Brock University): Rhythm in TV Series Storytelling
  • Francesco Parisi (Università di Messina): Identification, Memory, Elaboration. The Importance of Time in the Context of TV Series Fruition
  • Hannah Chapelle Wojciehowski (University of Texas Austin): Binge-watching, Immersive Experience and Creativity: An Embodied Approach
  • Federico Pierotti (Università di Firenze): Emotion and Color Design in ‘Mad Men’
  • Enrico Carocci (Università Roma Tre): ‘I Can Smell the Psychosphere’: The Aesthetics of Mood in ‘True Detective’
  • Maria Jesus Ortiz (Universidad de Alicante) e Alberto Nahum Martinez (Universidad de Navarra): Mise-en-scene, Embodied Metaphors and Moods
  • Sara Casoli (Università di Bologna): The Emotional Anomaly. The Planning of an Affective Experience in a Serial Information Architecture
  • Massimo Locatelli (Università Cattolica di Milano): Fear Relevant Narratives
  • Margrethe Bruun Vaage: The Antihero in American Television (Routledge 2015) Discussant: Jason Mittell (Middlebury College)
  • Janina Wildfeuer (University of Bremen): Out of place!? – The Semiotic Role of Music in Contemporary TV Series
  • Adriano D’Aloia (Università UniNettuno) e Ruggero Eugeni (Università Cattolica di Milano): The Boundaries of Never-ending
  • Ariel Avissar (Tel Aviv University): Connecting the Dots: Narrative Complexity in Contemporary Catastrophic Serie

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