Mediamutations 5

Ephemeral Media. Time, Persistence and Transience in Contemporary Screen Culture
Convegno di studi – Bologna, 21-22 maggio 2013


  • Sara Pesce and Paul Grainge: Introduction
  • Claudio Bisoni, Veronica Innocenti: About MM4 proceedings
  • Jennifer Gillan (Bentley University): “Short-form and Short-term Brandcasting: 1950s and Now”
  • Paul Grainge (University of Nottingham): “Animating the Olympics: Promotion, Paratexts and Live Media Events”
  • Paola Brembilla (Università di Bologna): “The Institutional Fan-Made Paratext: The Case of The Van Der Memes”
  • Stephanie Janes (Royal Holloway, University of London): “‘You Had to Be There’ – ARGs and Multiple Durational Temporalities”
  • Kim Walden (University of Hertfordshire): “Nostalgia for the Future. How Tron: Legacy’s Transmedia Campaign Rebooted the Franchise”
  • Marta Boni (Concordia University): “Poaching Reloaded. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Paratexts in a Flexible World”
  • Presentations: «Cinéma & Cie. International Film Studies Journal», XVIII, 2012 (Valentina Re)
  • Presentations: «Théorème», XVII, 2013 Networking Images. Approches interdisciplinaires des images en réseaux (Marta Boni)
  • Keynote: Jonathan Gray, “Paratextual Politics”
  • Valentina Re (Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia): “Attraversare la soglia. Paratesto, immanenza plurale, narrazioni transmediali”
  • Giulio Lughi (Università di Torino): “Paratexts in Digital Media”
  • Chiara Grizzaffi (Università IULM, Milano): “The Analysis of Film in the Digital Age: Online Video Essays”
  • Enrica Picarelli (Leuphana University): “Critical Reflection: Acoustic Paratextuality and Ephemeral Holosonics”
  • Book Presentation: Enrico Menduni (Università Roma Tre), Entertainment. Spettacoli, centri commerciali, talk show, parchi a tema, social network
  • Fabrice Lyczba (University of Paris Est Créteil): “The Living Realities of Romance: Playing with the Illusion of Reality in 1920s Film Reception Paratexts”
  • Roy Menarini (Università di Udine): “From Cinephilia to Mediaphilia: The Special Relationship between Film Culture and the New Media Landscape”
  • Ed Vollans (University of East Anglia): “Trailers Are Following Me: Studying, Contemporary ‘Trailers’”
  • Luca Rosati (Università per Stranieri di Perugia) e Italo Marconi (Ubiquity, Milano): “Pinterest e la crisi del paratesto”
  • Rosamund Davies (University of Greenwich): “Replaying the Sims – Gameplay Narration as Paratext”
  • Anton Varinsky (Goldsmiths, University of London): “Everting Secrecy – The Curious Case of DVD Easter Eggs”

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