Mediamutations 11 – 20/5

International Conference – Bologna, 20-21 maggio 2019


  • Marco Cucco, Gert Janwillens, Zhan Zhang, Giacomo Manzoli: Introduction and Institutional Greetings
  • Stanley Rosen (University of Southern California): China’s Use of Film in Its Pursuit of Soft Power: Structural and Self-Imposed Limits in China’s Competition with Hollywood
  • Yanling Yang (Loughborough University London): Film Co-production as Soft Power Between the UK and China
  • Peize Li (University of St. Andrews): Soft Power at Networked Venues: the “Belt and Road” Initiative and the Shanghai International Film Festival
  • Julia Hammet-Jamarat (Co-production Research Network), Katell Leon (Université Rennes 2):Produire au Sud: A Grounded Analysis of the Dynamics Between Filmmakers …
  • Antonio Fiori (Università di Bologna), Marco Milani (University of Sheffield): Soft Power or Hard Threat? The Influence of South Korean Cultural Production on North Korea and Inter-Korean Relations
  • Mattew Hibberd (Università della Svizzera Italiana): A Vietnamese Perspective on Hosting the DPRK-USA Vietnam Summit 2019
  • Ali Makke (University of Leicester): The De Facto Centre – The Emergence of Dubai as a Soft Power in the Middle East
  • Hasan Saliu (AAB College): International Media’s Reports as a Counterbalance to Public Diplomacy Strategies of Kosovo’s Image
  • Jingwen Qui, Sara Van Leuven, Stijn Joye (Ghent University): News About China’s Soft Power in European Media: A Quantitative Content Analysis
  • Dimitra Laurence Larochelle (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle): Soap-operas, Soft power and the Tourism Industry: The Case of Turkish Television Series
  • Ece Vitrinel (Galatasaray University): Turkey’s Television Series: Soft Power, Hard Control

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