Flauti Storici e Organologia

07/11/2016 dalle 11:00 alle 13:00

Dove Palazzo Marescotti, via Barberia 4 | Salone Marescotti

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Conferenze di Patricia Lopes Bastos e Michael Lynn
coordina Nico Staiti

Patricia Lopes Bastos
Le sfide del tempo: le varie problematiche dell’Organologia

Michael Lynn
The Development of the Flute in 19th-Century France

nell'àmbito del
5th International Scientific Meeting for Sound and Musical Instrument Studies



Patricia Lopes Bastos has concluded her Doctor degree (Music-Piano) at the University of Aveiro, in Portugal, after completing the Superior Course of Piano from the Superior School of Music in Lisbon, the DM degree in Piano from the Faculty of Music of the Superior School of Arts at Utrecht, in The Netherlands, and a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, USA. From her PhD research resulted a thesis on Performance Analysis about “The sonatas and sonatinas for piano solo by Fernando Lopes-Graça”, a CD-ROM (with analytical charts, texts and recordings by the author) and the publication of the revised edition of the eight studied works (in four volumes, published by the University of Aveiro). Complementary, she has attended varied courses, including historical Performance Practice (on clavichord, harpsichord, organ and pianoforte), carillon and other instrument techniques, construction and conservation of musical instruments, technical drawing, and foreign languages and cultures. She has published works on diversified themes, namely historical, biographical, museological or organological, having contributed for the next edition of The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments. The “Guide to cataloguing and analytical description of musical instruments” and “Norms for the preservation of musical instruments” were written as supporting tools, and following the project of a creation of a Database of Musical Instruments held in Portuguese collections, in partnership with Jeremy Montagu, in which different measuring and analytical techniques are applied. She has promoted, participated and organised a large number of cultural and scientific events, comprising exhibitions, courses, or lecture-recitals, being also responsible for the first workshops on experimental archaeology in musical instruments and the first Organological Congress held in Portugal. Through her Post-Doctoral research project, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology, she has  been analysing both organological and museological issues in more than a hundred collections of different types, in North America and Europe, including Turkey and Russia. Besides performance practice, her interests as a researcher presently focus on museological procedures and on all areas related to organology, namely methodologies for universal and specific measurements, acoustic analysis, technical drawing (2 and 3-D), classification, terminology, cataloguing, conservation, exhibition, management politics and promotional activities. Her recent work comprises a pioneer research, from 2009, on the sound properties of archaeological sites in Portugal and the invention of a portative 3-axis ruler especially conceived for objects with irregular characteristics. She is an independent researcher, and a member of The Galpin Society, of the American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS), of the Portuguese Acoustics Society (SPA) and of the International Council of Museums (ICOM and CIMCIM), being the founder and currently the President of the National Association for Musical Instruments (ANIMUSIC) in Portugal.

Michael Lynn performed at President Barack Obama’s first Inaugural Luncheon in 2009. He has also performed throughout the United States, Canada, Taiwan and Japan with such ensembles as Apollo’s Fire (of which he is a founding member), Mercury Baroque, ARTEK, the Oberlin Baroque Ensemble, Smithsonian Chamber Players, Tafelmusik, the American Baroque Ensemble, Handel & Haydn, the Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Houston Symphony, the Cleveland Opera, and Santa Fe Pro Musica, among others. He can be heard on Wildboar, Gasparo, Eclectra, and Koch International recordings.
Mr. Lynn is Professor of Recorder and Baroque Flute at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he is also Curator Emeritus of Musical Instruments. He served as Associate Dean at the Conservatory for 15 years. A noted scholar and collector of flutes, his website can be viewed at www.originalflutes.com. He teaches annually at the Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute, and has taught numerous other workshops throughout the United States. He has contributed a monthly column for Flute Talk magazine, and was the founder of Early Music Facsimiles and has written for Traverso. In 2013 he created the Medici Charitable Foundation, which is dedicated to producing concert performances to benefit medical organizations.